Monthly Archives: December 2010

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This weekend I’ve been getting connected, virtually.

After hours on facebook pressganging friends to admit an acquaintance – sometimes more, the last stage was a blog. Well it’s not actually the last stage, probably the first of more, long and distracting stages. But anyway, hey ho what do you know? I found I already had a word press blog ready and waiting. I was typing in Jan Carr for a username and it kept coming up taken. I was thinking who is this Jan Carr person and found out it was me. Who knows if I’ll keep it up this time. More to the point, is anyone going to read it?

So here I am. Done some thinking, rearranged the freezer, found ancient milk (still ok), bunted and baubled the kitchen, toasted by calor gas fire; tweeted about the lot. Now to do some more thinking…

…and while I do that have a look at Ruby playing Fagin, reviewing the situation…