Ruby’s Friends

Here’s Ruby!

Here are her brothers, Joel and Sam

and her big sister, Daisy.

 Joel and Sam like the dark.

Daisy likes painting… and Ruby?
She likes her friends, the ones you can see like Sarah and Helena,
Soft Rabbit and Fred,
and the ones you can’t, like the little people who live under her chair
and Bogger who sits on her hand.
Bogger can go everywhere with Ruby.
Best of all he can go to school.

One evening, after her  bath and while the telly was blaring out news downstairs, Ruby said, “Mum, Fred wants to come to school with me and Bogger tomorrow.”

“Oh Ruby, he might get lost, perhaps he’d better stay at home.”

Ruby leaned in closer to Mum. “Can Sarah and Helena come instead?”

“They’re not old enough for school yet,” Mum gave her a special little squeeze round her tummy. “Couldn’t you make some school friends?”

Ruby breathed in Mum’s warm smell, put her special sucking finger in her mouth and took an extra long sniff of Fred.

But the next day, on the way home, Ruby said, “I like Wohann I do.”

“Oh, have you found a friend at school?”

“Yes, she’s very small.”

“Mmmm…” said Mum.

At home, Mum wanted to know all about ‘Wohann’.

“Well, I think she’s three cos she’s not as big as me and sometimes she has to go to the nursery but she can sit next to me at lunchtime if she wants.”

“Oh, I see.” said Mum, but Ruby didn’t think she did,
at all.

Ruby wanted to write ‘Wohann’ some letters. Ruby wrote to all her friends,

so Mum wrote envelopes on a bit of paper and stuck it to the microwave with a magnet.


Dad was on his way home from work. Everyone was hungry…

“Can I have one of Sam’s sweets?” asked Joel.

“Better ask, Sam,” said Mum.

“What’s for pudding?” asked Sam.

 “Are you going to eat any broccoli?” Sort of answered Mum.

“Can I have an orange?” asked Daisy.

“Where are you going to put the peel?” asked Mum

“In the bin. Der.”

Daisy’s practically a teenager now.

“Can I do anything to help?” asked Dad.

“I’m doing it,” said Mum. She sounded liked her teeth had been glued together.

At dinner time, Ruby saw her letters to Wohann. “Wohann wants them, she does!”

“Well go and post them,” said Mum. The big spoon bounced off the work top on to the floor.

The next morning, in the playground, Ruby had a little hole in her tights which made her legs freezing. “I want to go home.” she said.

In school, all the other children were hanging up their coats, putting their lunches in the trolley and their fruit in the box. Ruby couldn’t even take her coat off…



“Wohann!” cried Ruby.

“Wohann?” said Mum.

“See you later, Rohann!” called Rohann’s Dad.

“Bye Dad.”

“Bye Mum,” said Ruby.

“Bye Ruby!”

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