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One Tooth and Three Firsts

I am a sensitive person but sadly the most sensitive bit of me is a tooth. While I was waiting for the drugs to kick in on Thursday night I watched the first film I bought on video, not that long after that crazy dream of being able to watch all your favourite stuff whenever you wanted became a reality.

Crossing Delancey (1988) with Amy Irving and Peter Riegert has a wonderful soundtrack from the Roches, a writerly theme, and a Jewish Bubba who hires a marriage broker for her thirty-something granddaughter. In the story, the writer is a git and it’s the pickle man with the poetry.

The first music I bought on vinyl, was Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits which is still cool, almost as cool as the Wombles which might have been the second.


or oooler?

Here’s a secret, even though I no longer nurture ambitions to sing my way to fame and fortune (more fortune) I still have singing lessons. My song of the moment is The Sound of Silence, which the lovely Elaine (singing teacher) would let me belt out every lesson, ironically.

The Owl Service by Alan Garner has to be the first book I bought for myself as opposed to Ned the Lonely Donkey, which was bought for me, twice. A few years ago, I mentioned Ned to a lovely friend; I told her how sad I felt that it was lost in the jumble of house moves and parents passing their use by date. She found it on the Internet for me, where else? So, when I was looking for the Owl Service to prove I did own it, my first thought was a Google search. Could Google ever be that clever? Could it give you a list of helpful suggestions of where to look when you’ve lost something? If it’s already an App, hurray I’m tapping into the zeitgeist, if not you read it here first.

Amazingly still available on Amazon

My tooth is now better, probably more through hope and an abiding fear of the dentist, although we have a lovely one and I am much better about going. And hurray, today I went out for beaujolais soaked lunch but didn’t need the crackling new strip of ibuprofen in my bag, not for my tooth anyway.

How about you? Your three firsts: the film, music and book that first moved you to part with hard cash.